Terms & Conditions



  1. All materials are special ordered.  Contract is non-cancelable and non-refundable.  Before cutting or installation of materials, check to verify that contract goods are what you’ve ordered, are free of visible defects and THAT you have received everything on your pick ticket.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure the correct products ordered are being received AND INSTALLED. Once cut or installed, customer accepts product as is and understands that NO refund can be offered or claim be filed with the manufacturer.
  2. All materials are guaranteed ONLY to the extent of manufacturer’s guarantee and final decision on any mill claim that may be filed.  No other warranties expressed are implied OR given.
  3. Solid and engineered wood, stone, tile and marble are all-natural products. With all-natural products, variations will exist from one sample to the next. You understand that in these cases, variations will exist and that is common with these products and do not justify a return.
  4. Wood flooring performs best when the interior environment’s relative humidity range is kept within industry standards of between 35-55% (preferably 45-50%), with an interior temperature range of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Failure to maintain these environmental standards will usually result in common distortions of wood products as it gains or gives off moisture. These distortions include, but are not limited to, shrinking, swelling, warping, bowing, twisting, cupping, and cracking.  To avoid these common occurrences, in addition to maintaining proper environmental climate controls, wood products should be acclimated to the installation environment prior to being installed. For proper acclimation the wood flooring should be stored in the intended installation environment for a minimal period of 48 hours (up to 5 days depending on the specific species and construction of the individual wood product), and climate controls should be in operation for a period of 5 days prior to delivery of the wood, during installation, and ongoingly after the wood is installed.
  5. All measurements by Total Floors representatives are approximate.  In the event of miscalculations, by either party, in arriving at the quantity of materials to be furnished, such miscalculations and any additional materials required as a result of the miscalculation shall be prepaid for by the purchaser in addition to the contracted price.
  6. All delivery dates are estimates provided by the manufacturer. Total Floors shall not be liable for any delays in delivery of materials.
  7. Customer has investigated and is satisfied of the suitability and application of all materials sold here for the intended usages.
  8. Sales tax is charged the City of Denver rate unless materials are being delivered outside of the City of Denver. In such instances, sales tax will be charged at the rate of the delivery destination. In the event use tax is prepaid to a municipality which is tied to a building permit, a receipt, showing that specific items related to the order, where use tax is being paid, MUST BE PROVIDED AT TIME OF QUOTE. If such a receipt is provided, then the sale will not be subject to local sales tax, except for RTD and State sales taxes.
  9. Unless noted all materials are FOB Denver Warehouse.  Upon placing your order, we can provide you with a list of delivery services you may hire for delivery.  
  10. Orders not picked up after 30 days of arrival or availability, may be cancelled or charged additional storage fees. In the event an order is cancelled, no refund will be made. If storage fees begin to be assessed, all additional fees MUST BE PAID prior to release of materials.
  11. Sending an image of a check for paying for an order authorizes Total Floors, Inc. to withdraw funds from the checking account indicated on the check.  By doing so, you also authorize your depository financial institution to honor this transaction.
  12. Payment of this Estimate/Invoice constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this contract. In the event it becomes necessary for Total Floors, Inc. to employ an attorney for enforcing the terms here of, the purchaser agrees to pay all costs of legal proceedings, attorney fees, court costs and credit card dispute fees.






  1. At the request of the purchaser and in consideration of the purchaser’s acceptance and acknowledgement of the limitations and condition herein, Total Floors may have identified an installer who will directly charge the purchaser for installation of merchandise purchased from Total Floors, Inc.  The purchaser specifically understands and acknowledges that the installation of any merchandise sold by Total Floors, Inc. will be undertaken as a separate transaction, independently transacted and negotiated between the purchaser and that installer. This understanding and acknowledgement extends to the transportation of the merchandise by such installer.
  2. Accordingly, the purchaser understands that Total Floors, Inc. bears no responsibility and assumes no liability for defects in the workmanship or for any other dereliction of duty arising out of or related to the installation and/or transportation of the merchandise.  Further the purchaser acknowledges his understanding that the remedies for such defects of dereliction shall be solely against the installer and/or transporter and not against Total Floors, Inc. and that disclaimer shall apply even though Total Floors, Inc. may have introduced the purchaser to the installer and/or transporter.
  3. In addition, purchaser agrees to hold Total Floors, Inc. harmless for installers part of not abiding by section 3 and 4 of these Terms and Conditions.